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Function of Window in Design Architectural

Monday, June 30th 2014. | Home Decor

picture of window in architecture

In daily terms, window is part of a house or building that serves as a conductor of light and air to enter the building. The placement of windows often side by side with the door, and the window usually found in every room in the building.

A minimalist window design can be adapted to the functions, aesthetics and concepts of existing space. That’s why, each room can have a window design that different from window in another room. Some examples exist in bedroom, the window usually uses a model of minimalist design with 1 to 3 holes. In the bathroom, window usually uses bouvenlight. However at the front of the house generally use a window as an integrated part of the main door unit.

What is the definition of window
The window is an elements of homes or buildings that can insert natural light and air circulation from inside and outside of the building.

In the early days of its use, the window functions only limited to the definition as an opening located in the building. However, as the development of architectural, understanding on window is growing with the inclusion of aesthetic values??, the robustness or strength factor, safety, comfort, and economic elements that calculating the cost of the design and installation of the window.

Window function
According to the definition, the notion of a window is part of a building that can inserts light and air circulation from inside and outside of the building, it can be concluded that is the main function of the window. Moreover, as architectural growth includes a window function as a aesthetic factor as well.

In addition to the above functions, the window can also serve as a guardian of privacy and the security of a home. Moreover, window can act as a separation between spaces in the building.
With the discovery of glass material, the window can serve to look out of the building without having to open a window itself or to get out of the building. The windows are also equipped with various accessories such as curtains and trellis support.

Requirements of window
Requirements of a window includes several things that must be met, so that the existence of a window in the building can be functioned effectively and efficiently. Some of the requirements are:

  1. Beautiful to look at. Appropriate and in line with the look or style of the building. The use of appropriate materials in accordance with the conditions of the room.
  2. Safe and convenient to be used according to its function.
  3. The size and dimension of the window must be able to support its function as needed.
  4. Sturdy and strong, therefore without worries to be used.

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