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Stones as Beauty Elements For Your Garden Design Idea

Tuesday, January 6th 2015. | Outdoor Room Ideas

A garden is often synonymous with the beauty of various herbs and ornamental plants. But you can also beautify the garden with other ornaments such as stone, wood or sculpture. Front yard, or a piece of land on the back of the house can be redecorating to be a beautifully retouched garden. Redecorating a garden is not always associated with materials of vegetation or plants. Garden decoration can make use with various elements forming the garden as well, such as hardscape and softscape. These elements are also important to be considered in order to beautify the garden.

pathway landscaping garden with ascending stone installation

What is hardscape elements in garden?
Hardscape or hard elements can be used to strengthen the character of the park. The types of hard elements are very varied including the various types of wood, natural stone, brick, coral, and other materials. These elements can be implemented as many thing, such as a wall of the garden and a side of garden. Even the arrangement of hardscape can be a path walkway of stone, or even a stone structuring forms the waterfall cycle.

What is softscape elements in the garden?
Softscape or soft elements can be used to eliminate the effect of stiffness in the park, and is intended to provide a more comfortable atmosphere in the environment. Vegetations such as trees, shrubs, flowering plants, grasses, and other elements are part of these elements. Softscape domination in the garden will give you a feeling of peace unite with nature.

As a complement element, the presence of water will increasingly make parks seemed natural. The calm shallow water pool will provide a romantic atmosphere. Artificial mini waterfalls can be a good idea to create a feel of natural garden becomes more dynamic. Fountain garden decor can be selected as to compensate for the presence of hardscape in the garden. Moreover to add economic aspect, a garden can be equipped with a small fishpond.

Elements of rock can be selected as a garden decoration that you can design as follows:
1. Waterfall is composed of stones arranged to create a natural look garden.
2. Beautiful mosaic butterfly shaped walkway made of stone structure.
3. Staircase leading to the garden to be more exotic if made of stone.
4. The garden bench made of large natural stones.
5. Decorating a garden with a stone structure that is composed into a display or sculpture.

Here these galleries of rocks decoration in the garden.

pathway landscaping garden with ascending stone installation round shape stepping stone for garden idea pavement ground with stepping stone path natural walkway stone in garden and short cutted grass mozaik steppping walkaway made from aesthetic stone mosaic slate stepping stones as pathways in garden homemade walking stepping stone in garden homemade stepping pathways of coral stones for beautify garden exotic stepping stone in watered garden decking terrace with stepping stone with half circle shaping walkway beautifying garden with brick stepping stone to increase beauty landscape ascending garden with stair made from stone


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